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  • Tesa 4965 Red Polyester Film tape

    Tesa 4965 Red Polyester Film tape

    Introducing the breakthrough tesa 4965, the ultimate solution for all your adhesive needs. Engineered with precision and innovation, this high performance product combines strength, versatility and reliability making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The heart of tesa 4965 lies in its ...
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  • The masking tape of Tesa

    The masking tape of Tesa

    tesa is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of masking tapes. They provide high-quality adhesive tapes that are perfect for various masking applications. Tesa masking tape is known for its strong adhesion, easy application, and clean removal without leaving any residue behind. Whether you...
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  • 3M foil aluminium tape 425 427 50mm self-adhesive-silver-aluminum foil tape

    Introducing our premium 3M Aluminum Foil Tape, designed to provide a durable and efficient seal for your insulation, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This premium tape is made with a strong and durable aluminum foil backing for excellent resistance to water, moisture, corrosion and extre...
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  • How To Easily Peel 3M VHB Tape Backing

    How To Easily Peel 3M VHB Tape Backing 3M VHB tape double-sided adhesive is widely used in automobile, glass, metal bonding. Bonding strength is strong, but removal is also a big problem. The following is to introduce the removal of the tape methods. 1.Scrape the beginning with a blade and tear i...
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  • How to use the vhb tape?

    How to use the vhb tape?

    For 3m VHB tapes like any adhesive it is very important that the surface is clean in order to achieve a good bond. Step 1: Surface cleaning Cleaning the substrate surface helps any adhesive or tape achieve a better bond. Getting the surface right up front can save time and trouble later. Step 2:...
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