How To Easily Peel 3M VHB Tape Backing

How To Easily Peel 3M VHB Tape Backing

3M VHB tape double-sided adhesive is widely used in automobile, glass, metal bonding. Bonding strength is strong,

but removal is also a big problem. The following is to introduce the removal of the tape methods.

1.Scrape the beginning with a blade and tear it off slowly with your hand.

2.If the adhesion is too strong, it can not be torn off by heating with a hair dryer. After the tape is softened, it can be easily torn off.

3.Use household detergent along the double-sided adhesive tape slowly wipe,

detergent decontamination molecules can be very good decomposition of its components, soon double-sided adhesive will be clean.

4. if the above methods are ineffective, it is recommended to use 3M detergent to remove residual glue.

Post time: Dec-29-2022