Explore ECU solutions of 3M product

With the increase of electronics in new vehicles, the industry is looking to shift from dedicated electronic control units to domain controllers that must manage more complex and interconnected functions. This requires a shift of power. It also introduces various design challenges: thermal management, electromagnetic interference, and electrical isolation. 3M is uniquely suited to meet these challenges and advance the technologies that will drive the future of ECU design.

We access the breadth and depth of all that 3M offers, applying 3M Science to bring forward solutions that no one else can offer.
Thermal/ManagementElectromagnetic/InterferenceElectrical/IsolationEnvironmental IngressBonding/Joining
Increasing ECU cross-domain functionality brings an increase in heat. 3M delivers thermal management solutions that help manage high temps and ensure performance.

Shenzhen Xiangyu New Material CO., LTD, established in 2009 years, more than 10 years in tape industry. We are a professional adhesive tape enterprise which integrates the research,development, manufacturing, sales and services.

Our main products includes double sided tape, VHB tape, electronic tape,We also work with some famous brand like 3M, TESA, SEKISUI,HI-BON. can offer almost style from them. Also offer customized die cutting shape like circle,oval , square, rectangle or other special style.

We convert a wide variety of materials into highly engineered components or format used for nearly any application in various industries.  We leverage our decades of experience and sophisticated converting capabilities to provide a solution that meet your application’s requirements.With the back of high advanced transport system in Shenzhen, and high development tech from cooprated manufactures and factories, our mature produce skill.Our breadth of die-cutting equipment and expert engineering team allows us to work with customers to identify solutions that improve efficiency for a given application. We have the ability to custom die-cut a wide range of material to precise dimensions, regardless of their construction or thickness. Our die-cutting machines offer varying features that can improve, simplify and expedite your application and production processes.


Post time: Apr-07-2022