Alibaba SKA team. Make the business easier

Dated on 12/10/2021, with the support from our Aliabab manager Ms. Yang, Xiangyu CEO Jay, go to the headquarter in Bao’an, Shenzhen, Guangdong , China, join Alibaba SKA signing ceremony to be one of SKA company in Aliaba group.

We know, these two years, whole of the world and people suffer too much from Virus. See from economy, several companies closed their business , can not move on. Personal, we would like to keep money in our pocket rather than spend out. In this condition, most of us want to buy the products which is cost effective and high quality. To meet the requirement from customers, witnessed by more than 300 outstanding entrepreneurs, Xiangyu New Materico Co.,Ltd, last year, been certified as a adheisve tape SKA(=Super Key Account) seller on Alibaba International Platform! It means that we are top verified factory with strong manufacturing capability, what we have good reputation globally; Trading with our company is safe. With the witness of Alibaba, we promise all the products we are selling in our Alibaba shop and website are 100% safe and good quality. To support our customers, we are always to check the China market or global resource for cost effective products. At the same time, we will join forces with and act according to Alibaba rules, relying on our own strong products, technology and resources, and through sincere cooperation with Alibaba, will deliver high-quality woodworking machinery and services to overseas markets. Continue to provide our customers with more high-value products and services.

This year, with Alibaba group support and our colleague hard work, we update our Aliaba store and website to fresh our customers and try to change into a more favorite styles. Both will launched out as soon as possible. Hope whole of you will love it. Thanks 2022/3/7

Post time: Apr-07-2022